>My high school spanish teacher would be so proud


Decided to go to the base today to get the boys’ their ID cards, and a new one for myself because I was set to expire in September. It was the most frustrating experience I have had in a long time. Driving around in circles on the base because apparently Air Force bases don’t do the ID cards at the Pass/ID office like the Navy does, noooooo, they do it at the personnel office. I asked 5 people for directions and wound up driving in circles! I was going to rant about that experience because I was on the verge of tears for most of it, but the boys managed to cheer me right up on the way home. So, rather than ranting, I will let you all in on the crazy, immature humor my kids and I share.
Z has a cell phone and he recently discovered the signatures for text messages option. So, he is always changing it to “I [heart] (insert current girlfriends name)” or “school sucks” or another tween saying. So, anyway, I told him that he should put something funny, so he hands me the phone and tells me to type something. He left it completely up to me. Big mistake. I entered in “donde esta el bano”, started giggling, and gave it back to him.
Then I told him that he had to text message Grammie and thank her for the Loudon pics.
Then I told him that he should invite his girlfriend over.
So, as he’s texting these messages I am driving down the road giggling so hard I have tears in my eyes. He keeps asking what it means and I give him different answers everytime: “my name is bano”, “I eat turkey”, “squeeze my finger”, etc. Finally he gives up and calls my bro. He explains that I put a signature on his phone but it’s in spanish and I won’t tell him what it means. The bro then asks what it says and when Zach repeats it I can hear my brother on the phone across the truck laughing. He finally tells him that it means Z is looking for the bathroom. As far as I know, he hasn’t changed it.
This resulted in a very loud ride home because all the kids were screaming “DONDE ESTA EL BANO” and I was laughing so hard my sides hurt.
The boys took it one step further and added a “farting” sound effect to it.
They then began rehearsing a skit that I am supposed to video tape and send to Dad. It goes like this.
Z starts pressing the clear button on the cell phone making a beep beep beep sound like in a hospital.
B makes the “farting” sound
Z holds the beep so it sounds like a flatline.
B then says “I guess we should have gotten him to a bathroom sooner”
Holy crap, I am still laughing as I type this. I love my kids. As frustrated as I was at the base this afternoon, I have now forgotten all about it, thanks to gaseous sound effects and foreign languages.

>He’s a genius, I tell ya!

> I don’t normally brag about how perfect my husband is for me, but if you don’t mind, I want to do that today. See, last night I was having difficulty falling asleep; thank goodness for Netflix instant streaming! I stayed up till 3am watching movies. I finally fell asleep knowing that I could sleep in today because the only appointment I had today wasn’t until 4pm. So, when my phone awakens me at 8am I was not exactly a happy camper… until I saw that it was DH. I attempted to be cheerful, but before my morning coffee I can try all I want, there is no covering up Morning Lindsey.

So, we are talking and the time passes, I begin to wake up a bit more, so we change over to a video chat (because I have lost that puffy look). Now, DH knows that I have been having a rough time with school and the boys being wild and on summer break. I wasn’t complaining about anything today, but he knew it hadn’t changed much. I’m also sure that he knew that I wasn’t keeping up on the housework because of all my homework and errands. He didn’t say anything about it because that would put me on the defensive. Maybe he saw it in the background of the video chat as I walked around with my laptop brushing my teeth and making coffee; or maybe he just assumed. Whatever the case may be, he knew it. I’m sure of it. I didn’t realize at the time, but looking back, he did this on purpose. He said that he missed home and that he wanted me to take the video camera and walk around the house (inside and out) showing him everything. I told him nothing had changed, but he said he wanted a video nonetheless. So, we hang up and I realize the house is trashed. So, I had to clean before taking the video. I gathered the boys and explained what was going on, we turned up the stereo REALLY loud and all got to work. About halfway through, I’m sweating and jamming to the music as I fold laundry and it hits me. He doesn’t really want a video. He wanted me to get out of my non-cleaning funk and clean the house! How genius is this man?!?!?!?!?

So, I finished the cleaning and feel so much better. The house is clean! I love this guy, now if only he could use this psychology when he’s home rather than berating me for not keeping up on the laundry, LOL.

OK, so I was also going to talk about the kid’s karate instructor, but I just realized that while I was grocery shopping I had refilled C’s asthma meds but then left without picking them up. So, I have to run back to Big Y before they close. I’ll fill you in on my displeasure with the old karate instructor and my nervousness of the new creepy one later.

Have a great night, see ya later.

>Old guys can be so entertaining.


 Can you believe it? I actually had a good day at clinical yesterday! i didn’t leave the hospital ready to burst into tears and I was actually in a good mood last night. Crazy huh? I had been stressing about it for two days, I’ve had a bad semester as far as clinicals go, I watch these other girls walk in and just take over, I want their confidence. I want to feel comfortable on the floor. I don’t want to second guess everything I do. So, I faked it. I faked the confidence. I walked in and acted as though I knew what I was doing. See, I DO know what I’m doing, my problem is confidence. On paper I know my stuff. If you ask me a question I know the answer, but when it comes to doing it… not so much. Well, yesterday was different. I texted my Mom during our 20 minute lunch break and she said that she had gotten the same advice when she was in school “fake it till you make it”. Yesterday also happened to be our midterm evaluation day where we sit down with the instructor and discuss our strengths and weaknesses. We are graded on 25 different things and we can receive a 1-5 grade. I received all 3’s with one 4. I felt kinda crappy about that until I found out that everyone received 3’s; not one person got a 4! I was the only one. So that made me feel pretty good.

My patient yesterday was easy, older gentleman but still very self sufficient. I didn’t have to do much in terms of care for him. His roommate on the other hand kept forgetting to breath (high dose of morphine causing respriratory depression). Everytime his pulse ox would drop below 90 (which was constantly) the alarm would sound. This upset my patient, he said it was depressing to hear people running into the room yelling “BREATH, YOU HAVE TO BREATH”. So, rather than focusing on my patient and explaining what was going on I sat between their beds and engaged both of them in conversation. This kept his pulse ox up for about 10 minutes, then the roommate got tired. So I decided this was ridiculous. I couldn’t stop the alarm from sounding, so I pushed for a new room assignment for my patient. Everything went well, until we got to the room and his new roommate seemed to have even more issues. While they set up my patient I helped the PCT with a bed bath on the new roommate. Ohhhhhh, how I hate bed baths. My poor patient was upset that he lost his window bed and now he felt as though he was in the middle of an intersection. Once I realized the nurses were just bathing him and setting him up for a visit from his wife the commotion soon settled down. After chatting with his roommate a bit I realized that he was not in as bad condition as the other guy. So I helped initiate a conversation between the two. After coming back into the room a half hour later I heard them sharing war stories. They were so cute together. 2 70 something year old gentlemen talking about machine guns and bears. LOL. My patient was completely lucid but had a GREAT sense of humor, while his roommate had a touch of dementia so the conversation actually went well, because my patient thought the other guy was joking most of the time. In reality, I think it helped them both.

I feel good about this week, I won’t say that I’m looking forward to next week, but I can say that I am keeping fingers crossed that this is an upward trend and that I will stop having anxiety days before my shift.

>A Year in Review


 I managed to get a good portion of my care plan finished and decided to take a break and read some of my blogs. I found a couple blogs that got me thinking; Sarah and Julie both did “Year in Review” type blogs. It made me think about about how much has happened in my life. This past year is no exception. So, here is my year in review.
June 2009: My youngest son is sick, I don’t know exactly what is wrong, but he seems off. I brought him to the doctor because I suspected Lyme. They said he did not have classic symptoms and refused to give us antibiotics. It’s funny, with everything that happened this month with my son, I forgot to mention that I had surgery this month too. I remembered it as I was sitting in class and I figured I would update this post to include my venous ligation. I had a DVT (blood clot) that damaged the vein in my right leg.
July 2009: I sat with my baby (8 y/o) and watched him get sicker. He had no energy or appetite. Doctors continued to tell me nothing was wrong. When he developed SEVERE headaches, we were told it was migraines, when he developed double vision we were told it was fatigue. 4 ER visits later he was diagnosed with Lyme Meningitis. He DID have Lyme Disease, but because it wasn’t treated it had gone into his spinal fluid. Watching my baby get a lumbar puncture (spinal tap) was so hard. I cried harder than he did.
August 2009: Spent the first week in the hospital with B. Sent home with a PICC line and 30 days worth of IV antibiotics.
September 2009: School begins for the boys and I struggle to get the school nurse to understand the magnitude of his illness. He still had residual symptoms such as double vision and headaches. She thought he was trying to get out of school. I applied to Nursing School.
October 2009: Husband and I decide that it would be best for him to change jobs. We wanted him home more. His civilian job had him out on a ship 80% of the time. He only came home for a weekend once a month. He was going to apply for a job closer to home with no sea time.
November 2009: Thanksgiving with the family was as dramatic as it was when I was a kid. But I survived it and began planning for Christmas. I was accepted into nursing School.
December 2009: Uneventful month. Christmas was wonderful.
January 2009: 4 days before I am to start my first semester of nursing school we find out that DH is being reactivated from Reserve status and being sent “over there”. I feel as though my world is falling apart.
February 2009: I have had some time to get used to the idea of another deployment but I’m still scared. Oldest son, C, is admitted to the hospital for asthma. One week later we are home on nebulizer treatments every 4 hours through the night.
March 2009: DH leaves for training. I’m a mess, I wish he would just tell them that he can’t go.
April 2009: I’m not doing so well in school. I barely pull a 78 average out of the first semester. I begin to wonder if Nursing school during deployment is a good idea.
May 2009: DH comes home for leave before shipping off. I struggle. I have not had to do a deployment in so long, and the boys are older now. I begin second semester of nursing school. I have so much on my plate, I feel like I’m drowning.
June 2009: We are 10% of the way into the deployment. I am still struggling with Nursing School, but I am starting to get into a groove. I have plenty of off days, but not as many as before. I have days that I know I can do it, and then there are days I consider checking myself into the Looney Bin.
So, that is my year. I know I will look back at this time and think “it wasn’t so bad”. But right now, sitting here, going through it…. not so easy. This time last year my family was around. My brothers would stop by my house to hang out. Some nights we’d grill, some nights we’d play Wii with the kids. We were close. Once news of the deployment arrived all of a sudden everyone left. Nobody calls anymore, well, one of my brothers calls once a week or so. I don’t know if they are scared that I might cry or something, but it’s different. I sure could use that family support now.
But ya know, I have found a whole new support system here. I mean, my last blog about nursing school has some really great comments. For that I am grateful. You guys know what I’m going through and can understand. AND, you guys hang around even when life gets messy. You are True Bloggy Friends. So, thanks.



 You know something is bad if you start stressing about it 2 days before it happens! My clinicals for school get worse each week. My teacher doesn’t like me and I really don’t think it’s in my head. i don’t go to clinical until Wednesday but I have been stressed all day, worrying about it. DH called this morning and he tried to talk me through it, but I’m still feeling really crappy. I hate nursing school, and I honestly don’t even want to be a nurse! So, why am I doing this? I have so much in loans already it would be a waste to drop out now, but if I keep going I only incur more.
I went to Sam’s Club to keep my mind busy, but I wound up buying a box of these little tiny cheesecake bites. HOLY CRAP! They are so good, and so bad for my diet. I also bought wine coolers, I’m going to try to force myself to drink them. I hate the taste of alcohol though and I don’t know if I’ll be able to down them. I guess I just want an escape, something that helps me relax and forget everything for a few minutes before bedtime. We’ll see, I’ll let ya know how it works out, I probably won’t even open them.

>I didn’t mean it like that, really, I didn’t


 You know, it’s funny. I am all about teaching the kids to behave in public. I don’t want to have to yell at them in front of other people. I don’t want people to think my boys are uncontrolled monsters or that I’m a bad parent. So, my boys KNOW that if they misbehave at a store or elsewhere in “public” I may not say anything right away, but the punishment will be SEVERE when we get home. With that in mind, my kids are typically well behaved in stores. My boys are no better behaved than anyone else’s kids, they just know not to act out in public. It’s not uncommon to hear one of them whisper to another “you better stop, we are in public”. I like that, I like that they have learned when and where it’s ok to misbehave. I can’t change the fact that they are kids and will misbehave but I have successfully contained the misbehavior to our home. Usually!
With that being said, I can be walking through a store and hear a mother yelling at her kid or see the kid acting out and I get all aloof and think to myself “thank goodness my kids aren’t like that”, or “wow, what kind of mother would say that to her kid”. I know, it’s bad, it’s terrible, it’s wrong, but I can’t help it. I am proud of the boys’ behavior!
So, today, I realized that I am no better than anyone else. Here’s what happened: B and I were at Stop & Shop grocery shopping. We are in an aisle all by ourselves, but I can hear other people on other aisles. So, B is the one with the sprained ankle and the broken finger. OK, so, he is walking behind me and I suddenly stop to look at the Hamburger Helper boxes. He wasn’t paying attention and walked right into me. He tries to take a step back and lands on his sprained ankle. He laughs and says “geez Mom, couldn’t you warn me next time, I almost fell down”? So, I laughed also and said, “you better be careful; bump into me again and you might get a busted face to match your broken finger and ankle”. He gave me a fake angry face, and I laughed.
OK, what’s the big deal you might be thinking? Well, nobody witnessed the incident, but there were people on the next aisle over, so all they heard was me THREATENING to “bust my kids face up” if he bumped into me again. They didn’t know we were joking, or that I meant he’d bust his face because he would fall due to a sprained ankle. All they heard was me threatening my 9 y/o son! I felt like Queen of Bad Parenting and quickly finished shopping and left the store. It may take me a few weeks to gather the courage to go back.
I solemnly vow to never again judge a parent based on things I overhear across aisles at a grocery store. I now know that things can be grossly misunderstood. I am sorry to all the mothers out there whom I have inaccurately judged to be bad mothers based on something I heard them say.
And now, I’m off to utilize my Free Child Labor by forcing them to do yard work and paying them in Oreo Cookies.
See you all later.

>A really long Nursing School Rant.


 As most of you know, I am in Nursing School, I am in my second of five semesters. I have always been a good student, in Chemistry, Calculus, Physics, etc. I maintained a VERY high GPA! And you wanna know a secret? I rarely studied. I mean, I studied so little that I was embarrassed of how little effort it took and would lie when asked, I’d say that I studied the night before, or last week. I got a 98 on my NLN (entrance exam), and got into Nursing School on my first attempt. So, I thought I was sittin’ easy for the next 5 semesters. HA! Boy, was I wrong.
First semester I had some things going on:
 – 4 days before my first class I found out DH was being reactivated from Reserves and being sent “over there”.
 – a week in DH left for predeployment training.
 – a couple weeks in my mother (an RN) stopped on the side of the road to help a woman who had flipped her car over on the ice. The car was on it’s side. A van came speeding over the hill, hit the overturned car and knocked it onto my mother. She is lucky to be alive. All the broken bones and internal injuries had her in the ICU for weeks.
 – my eldest son C was admitted to the hospital for a week for asthma.
Not to mention all the little things that happened, and trying to run a household with DH deployed.
So, my first semester I wound up with a 78 average. I told myself that it was ok because I had lots of stuff going on and I will get back on track in semester 2.
Well, I am now 7 weeks into the second semester and I’m feeling pretty crappy.
1st exam I scored a 72 (73 is passing). So, I failed.
2nd exam was yesterday, I got an 84. Better, but not great. And I studied, for real!
Today I had clinical. For those of you not familiar with the way nursing school works, there is a lecture (once a week at my school) then there are clinicals which are 9 hour days spent at the hospital as a Student Nurse. We basically do all the stuff CNA’s or PCT’s do; bed baths, changing adult diapers, feeding the patients who can’t do it themselves, etc. We have a teacher, who walks around the floor helping us when we need it and telling us what we are doing wrong.
My first clinical this semester we met our teacher and basically went around the room introducing ourselves to each other (I only knew one other girl of the 7). So, when it came to my turn I was supposed to state my name, my job, additional stressors I have and my study habits. So I said “I’m Lindsey, I don’t have a job, my only other stress would come from my three kids, and I tend to study at night after they are in bed”. The girl that I knew from a previous semester said “you’re husband is deployed too”, now, I wasn’t going to mention that because this isn’t a military town and it seems like everyone around here has an opinion on the war, and I just didn’t want to get into all that at school. I was surprised when everyone showed empathy for me. So we finish the introductions and the teacher says “OK, these are going to be your best friends for the next 16 weeks, you have to help each other through, it’s going to be rough at times. Some people have a lot going on, some people don’t, so do not feel bad about asking for help. We have this one (pointing to a fellow student who had stated that she has chronic pancreatititis) who is sick and may need additional help with patient care if she isn’t feeling well one day, and we have this one (pointing to me) who may cry at any moment”. I was floored. Who the hell does she think she is making assumptions that I cannot control my emotions because my husband is deployed!
So that was how we started the semester. Then today, at preconference she is talking about the patients she assigned to us. She was explaining why she gave the 19 y/o dope addict to a particular student. She said, “the patient’s age limits me to assigning her to an older student nurse because I don’t want her nurse to be anywhere near her age. So you 4 are out, I’ve got Lindsey over here who blushes WAY too easily, so she is out….”. OK, again, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!?!? I blush too much? Really??? So, my patient care is compromised by my blushing? I don’t think I blush too much, but apparently the teacher does.
So, today I was having a rough day. Patient was pretty much incapable of doing anything himself, he pooped on me twice, I had to change his position every two hours because he had bed sores and his wife was notorious for yelling at the staff and wanting everything done a certain way! The floor staff told me to be careful because if I didn’t do something to his wife’s expectations I could expect to get yelled at. So, I was very nervous going in. I made sure that he was comfortable, bathed and fed by the time the wife arrived. As soon as she got to the door, I put on my super cheerful face and introduced myself. We chatted for a bit, and the rest of the afternoon went well (in regards to the wife), she seemed to like me.
So at post conference this afternoon we had to go around the room and state our accomplishments that day. I said that I was very proud of the fact that I established a good relationship with the wife because she has not been happy with the rest of the staff. As I spoke, my teacher shook her head. Then she told me that the wife didn’t like me. I asked how she knew that, and she said the only reason she didn’t yell at me was because I was taking care of her husband (one on one ratio so I had time to spend with him). She said that  I can’t attribute her NOT yelling at me to me being “liked”. I said “well, I didn’t mean like, as in friendship, I basically meant that she didn’t find any fault in my care of her husband and she has very high standards, as she should”. My teacher rolled her eyes.
I held it together through my shift, but you can be damned sure that I lived up to my teachers expectations and cried the WHOLE WAY HOME! I mean, it wasn’t just that, she is always kinda hard on me. She has a way of looking at me and making me feel like I am completely incompetent and should be flipping burgers at a fast food joint.
All right, enough of me ranting about nursing school.
Wanna hear something really sad? Remember my post yesterday about my son breaking his finger? Well, apparently he was made fun of in school today a lot. They said that the splint looks “fake” and that it looks like he made it out of paper for attention. He was so upset that he asked me if he could stay home from school tomorrow. tomorrow is the last day of school, it’s a half day and they are having a party. He had been looking forward to it, but now he doesn’t want to go. I felt so bad for him that I agreed to let him stay home.
OK, time to make dinner. See you all later.

>Passing grades and broken fingers


 What a friggin’ day! All right, ya ready? Second exam of the semester, I got an 84, which is not great, but you know what? I’ll take it, because beating myself up for anything other than an A is not going to work now that I’m in Nursing School, this isn’t like the pre-req’s. A’s in Chem, Bio and Physics is one thing, Nursing School is a whole new ball game.
After class I came home and got to Skype with DH for a bit but was interrupted by a phone call from B’s school. He had Field Day today which is basically just a day of games and fitness contests held outside. Apparently, B was sliding down the Bouncy Slide and when he hit the bottom he tumbled over and hurt his finger! The nurse called me an hour after it happened and said that she didn’t think it looked serious. I went down there anyway, picked him up and found his finger looking like this. This is his Pinky! That’s supposed to be the SMALLEST finger.

Not serious, my ass!
So, after talking to the pediatrician on the phone, we wound up in the ER, where they determined that his finger was not only broken but he had sprained his ankle too. He’s a trooper though, didn’t cry at all.

My poor baby, he won’t be playing his viola for a while. The one good thing is that it is his right hand which is his bowing arm so his playing won’t be affected too much. Also, he’ll be out of Karate class for a bit, which he is really bummed about.
So, yeah, that’s the latest from our neck of the woods.
Hope you all had a less eventful day than I did. Talk with you all soon.

>My new TV console


OK, so here are my before and after pics of my TV console area.
This is the before. It was terrible, we got this big ole TV, mounted it on the wall and then realized we had nowhere for all the things that attach to the TV i.e. cable box, Blu-Ray, Wii, etc. So our oversized coffee table became the console. Terrible looking right.
Here’s my new TV Console, my brother had to pick it up in his pick up but I put it together ALL BY MYSELF, ok, not really, all I had to do was put in shelves and door handles, but still, ALL BY MYSELF. I even got all the electronics plugged back in correctly and everything works!

I’m so happy!

>Proud SUV-Mom


 You know, I try not to let myself get into funks, but sometimes, for no reason you feel one coming on and you have no idea why! I was driving to the mall so C could exchange a game at Game Stop when all of a sudden it hit me; I miss my husband. I wasn’t at the teary stage yet but I was sad. So, after the mall I decided I needed something to do, something big, new, something to keep my mind off him. So, I went to Bob’s Discount Furniture. Now, for any of you NON-New-Englanders, Bob’s is a huge furniture store that sells things kinda cheap, but the best part is The Pit. All the damaged things and items from last year’s lines go in the back room and are discounted SEVERELY. A lot of things are not even bad looking, as for a scratch or two I don’t mind because nothing stays looking new in my house for long; not with three boys. Oh, and as you are walking into the Pit section there is free ice cream, candy, cookies, coffee, etc. So, I decide I’m going to buy a TV console. I have a 65″ plasma hanging on the wall, which is great except for all the little things that need to connect to the TV such as cable box, blu-ray, speakers and stereo, PlayStation, xbox, wii, etc. So, I have this square table 4 ft x 4ft, underneath the TV holding it all. It looks terrible. So I wanted a thinner TV console. At first it was hard because everything I found was to short, and would look silly underneath our ridiculously over sized TV. But then I found the perfect one. Dark brown, long, doors, drawers, and in great condition.
I buy it. Drive around so the guys can load it into my Suburban, but they are having issues, it won’t fit. So one guy tells me, well, you can fold down the other half of the second seat (60/40 split bench), I explained that I needed the larger side of the seat up because it has two seat belts and I have all three kids with me (C was sitting shotgun). He looks at me and completely seriously, without a hint of sarcasm or humor, tells me that there will be plenty of room in the back with the console and they can just sit in the way back. I told him there were no seat belts. He said, they can’t fly around too much since you’ll have the furniture back here with them. Holy Bad Parenting, Batman! I pretended he was joking and blew him off. Still kinda wonder what kind of father he was or will be if he thinks that’s ok. But whatever.
Then the other guy chimes in with his opinion. He says, “don’t you have a van?” He’s looking at the kids, assuming that because I have kids I must have a mini-van. I told him no, and he says “so, this is your ONLY vehicle?” Um, YEAH! I told him I had a Camry at home but I didn’t think that could help us out. He looks all confused, maybe he assumed that the ‘Burb was my husbands or something. But he was genuinely surprised when I told him that this was my Kid-Kart. I know LOTS of mom’s who refuse to drive minivans, so they drive the Planet-Raping Behemoths such as the Excursion or the Suburban! Look our decision to buy a Burb had more to do with functionality than being a “minivan mom” vs. an “SUV mom”. Minivans don’t have much cargo space when the third seat is up, and we need cargo space. At the time we had a double stroller, plus I had to be able to fit groceries and such. So, my Suburban is not a statement, it was a necessity.
So, they are trying to wedge it in and I hear “cra-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-ack”. The boys tell me that I might want to come look. The legs had ripped right off. They yanked it back out of the truck, damaging the fabric on the back of my third seat as they dragged the ripped wood out. I said, no problem, and went in to look for a different one, a smaller one that would fit. Well, that’s when they tell me that they found an identical one to mine for $50 less because the doors were not already attached. Hm, sound good except it STILL won’t fit in my truck. So I call the only brother I can count on to help me in times of need, and oops, he had already had a few beers, after all it is Saturday night and he doesn’t have kids. Sooooo, he’s going to pick it up today with his pickup and hopefully I will be able to set up my new living room today.
So, that was my day yesterday. Oh, and Karate, we had another lesson yesterday and the boys are SO excited to go again. Even C and Z are excited. They like the sparring. So, that’s good that they found something to do, but bad for me. $260/month for the three of them… YIKES. Plus $120/month for viola? No more extracurricular activities. I can’t afford it. Except for the YMCA. That opens in August and I plan on getting a family membership so I can workout there. But after that, nothing. I can’t afford it!
OK, time to clean the kitchen from breakfast and jump in the shower before going back to Bob’s for my ridiculously large piece of wood.