>Something is fishy here

> I am curious to know how many people received this comment from “Chris”:

I really like your blog. I am a casting director for a docu-reality series sponsored by the USO about military families awaiting the return of a loved one stationed overseas. This series is about how the family prepares for their service member’s return and highlights the bravery, sacrifice, and courage military families need to have. I would love if you submitted to be part of the series. You can find an online submission form at http://www.roadtoreunion.com or email me directly at roadtoreunioncasting@gmail.com for more information.


Thank you so much,

At first I was thinking, “Holy Cow, this is cool” but then it started to sink in. Really, who in their right mind would want to actually feature me on their show. Nobody in their right mind, or at least, nobody who wanted decent ratings. So, I’m wondering how many other people got this comment. And do you think it’s for real?
My guess is no, but I can’t help but wonder….


>Sick kids and sick me.


 Well, I am having on of those weeks. You know the ones in which nothing goes right, but nothing goes completely wrong either. It’s just been a week requiring patience. I’ve been working some more on the yard. I’ve gotten quite a bit done,although, if the brush trimmer could make my life any easier I’d be so appreciative. I’ve replaced all the parts on it at least once since I started my Brush Crusade. It’s not working right now, I have to go back to Home Depot AGAIN, but I won’t get into all that.
Last Tuesday night I tossed and turned all night with a fever.
Wednesday I suffered through my clinical day with a nagging tickle cough.
Thursday I was diagnosed with Bronchitis. The doctor told me to call if it hadn’t gone away in 2-3 days. I was not getting better but I figured I would finish my antibiotic course before calling. I finished yesterday and today I was not feeling good at all.
In fact, I went to lecture and after 30 minutes I felt achy, hot/cold and overall crappy. So, I left. Called the doctor. He put me on an inhaler and gave me more cough medicine.
OK, now that’s what’s going on with me. Now I’ll tell you about Z. For the past week and a half he’s been lethargic. Doesn’t play outside like he normally does, decreased appetite, no fever, but he has the “sick eyes” Moms know and love (insert sarcasm). Yesterday he started complaining of a sharp pain in his tummy. This morning he has had no appetite. So, I called the doctor, we will go in today at 1530, I’ll update you then. I’m going to push for a Lyme Titer. And hopefully he’ll put him on antibiotics while we wait for the results. Although, I don’t put a lot of faith in those tests. After all, last summer B had one done, it came back negative and 3 weeks later he was in the hospital with Lyme Meningitis. So, anyway, here’s hoping the doc is generous with the antibiotics.
And last but not least. There’s B. Now, remember all the yard work I told you I’ve been doing? Well, of course, I’ve recruited the boys to help haul off the brush as I trim it all down. Well, I didn’t think there was anything yucky in the brush, but apparently, B found something.
He will be going to the doctor with Z. I’m thinking poison ivy although, there are no blisters. He developed this rash yesterday. It started off as flat red blotches, not itchy. This morning the rash is raised, but it’s still not itchy. I didn’t think it was poison ivy at first but the more time goes on the more I wonder.
So, nobody is feeling all that great here, well, except for C. He’s doing great. Let’s hope he stays healthy.  

>Lovely Blog Award


This is my third Blog Award, and to think that I almost MISSED it! I had seen Julie’s post for this award and I had briefly glanced at the recipients but I didn’t see my name so I moved on. Well, that would be because she called me “Future Nurse”, how cool is that? So, thank you so much Julie!
The rules are to list 6 things about myself.
1. I am in Nursing School, and I’m not doing as well as I thought I would do. I got a 78 on my last exam, not good.
2. I love to sleep with the A/C on, the white noise helps me sleep, and I would rather be too cold than warm. The worst feeling is waking up in the middle of the night sweaty.
3. I have bronchitis now, that sucks, going for a chest xray on Monday to see if it has progressed to Pneumonia.
4. I sometimes worry about my marriage Post-War. I hear all these stories about PTSD and how the guys personalities change. I am scared that he won’t be the same guy I sent over there.
5. I am addicted to Time Management games like Cake Mania and Diner Dash. I don’t know why, but I can blow 3 hours sitting at the computer trying to get the right combination to get the Super Bonus, haha.
6. I am not a very good maid. My house is always messy.
And now to send on this award.

>Cherry on Top Award


K over at a Beautiful Mess gave me a blog award sometime back and I wanted to make sure I had time to respond in proper fashion. So I starred it and promised myself to get back to it just as soon as I had a moment. Well, things can be hectic around here and I had completely forgotten about this award. So, after going through my starred posts this morning I found this and remembered. So, I am sorry it has taken me so long, but here it is, the long awaited blog acceptance speech, haha.

In my speech I am supposed to tell you 3 things I like about myself. So, here goes:

I like the fact that if I set my mind to something I can usually do it. I was determined to rip out the old carpet in my house and install laminate flooring. Despite my brother (a carpenter) telling me that it takes years of experience to get it right, and that I was wasting my money because I was going to have to pay someone to come in and fix my mess; I DID IT. And it looks great if I may say so myself.

I like the fact that I have a good relationship with my kids. I think it is so important for the boys to be able to talk to me, and while I do have to bite my tongue a lot, I believe I have found a somewhat even ground to stand on. I can listen to them talking about girlfriends and things that happened in school, and while I want to scream out “DON’T DO THAT” or “STAY AWAY FROM HER” I don’t, which is why they actually listen to me when I DO give them orders. For instance, Z had a girlfriend who was a real character. At only 11 y/o she had already stolen beer from her parents, sneaks out of the house at night and the final straw was when she asked my 12 y/o son to “sleep with her”. I told him that I did not like her and that he should meet someone else. He listened to me, and just yesterday told me that it was a good thing he did because she lost all her friends because she was spreading rumors.

My last one is not necessarily something I like about me, but something I am proud of. I am handling this deployment better than I thought I would. I am 20% of the way through it and I feel as though I am handling it better than I have handled others.

So those are my answers.

The 3blogs I’m passing to:
OK now this is funny. I wanted to give this award to Julie over at Life After Higher Education and when I went there to get her URL I realized she had given me another award! How cool! So, another acceptance speech will follow, thanks Julie.
Marine Wife at Flip Flops and Combat Boots
and last but not least Sarah at GI Joe’s Wife

>Hodge Podge Blog


Nothing new has really happened recently. So, I don’t have much to blog about, but I figured I could give a quick update on what has been going on recently.

I’m still plugging away at Nursing School, and when I say that I mean, barely scraping by. We had a cardiac exam Tuesday. I tried to study, but really all I accomplished was completing the questions on the textbook website. I wound up with a 78. Yuck. For a straight A student that is a real slap in the face. Since getting into Nursing School though, I can honestly say it is NOTHING like the pre-req coursework. Anatomy and Physiology, Microbiology, Physics, none of it even comes close because the questions are not cut and dry. It’s all about the verbal reasoning. Anyway, I’m not beating myself up. At least I passed. A lot of people didn’t.

I had my Endoscopy Clinical on Wednesday. It was pretty cool. We did 6 colonoscopies, a bronchoscopy and an upper endoscopy. It was a great experience, although, now I have to write a paper on my day and I am dreading it.

The night before my clinical I developed a fever. Aches, chills, sweating, all the fever-y type things, kept me up all night. I was exhausted when I got to the hospital and of course, during the 3rd procedure I developed a cough. I tried to stifle it at first but it got worse and worse. I found myself apologizing to the doctor and everyone in the room. At that point my fever was low, but I still felt like crap. I was relieved to find that they only had patients until 2pm so I was able to get away with only doing a 7 hour clinical day rather than 9 hours.

I went to go start a load of laundry this afternoon and found that there was still a load in there from Tuesday. I told C to bring me the wet clothes to hang on the clothesline. As I started putting them up I smelled a very faint mildew smell coming from the basket. Ugh. I will probably have to rewash them, but like the lazy maid that I am, I hung them on the line and I’m hoping by some miracle the fresh air makes them smell fresh. Probably not, but I’m thinking that the mildew smell is so faint that maybe it’s only one towel or something. One can hope.

Oh, so back to my coughing. I called to make an appointment with my doctor because the cough hasn’t gone away yet. Come to find out, my doctor is no longer practicing. That sucks, cuz I really liked her. So, I tracked down a doctor on the Tricare website and made a new appointment. Surprisingly, they were able to get me in today. The final diagnosis is bronchitis, although, I have to go back on Monday for a chest xray because it may have already progressed to Pneumonia. Anyway, he gave me cough medicine and antibiotics. He said it was probably my body’s way of telling me to slow down. I’ve been running on little sleep and working really hard outdoors on the yard. That compiled with the stress of exams and school. Well, I guess my body wanted a break.

Sunday is my Dad’s birthday. I think I am going to go to the cemetery to visit with him a bit. He would be 59. My Dad died of Leukemia when I was 14. I miss him. I wish he could have met his grandchildren and son in law.

I guess I should get some homework done since I have time. Talk with you later.

>Our first argument of the deployment.


I know that it is normal to have an argument with your husband during deployment. I know that it happens to most (if not all) the other wives. I know that sometimes the stress of it all can mount and before you know it, you are arguing about stupid little things that aren’t even all that important. Well, after almost three months of getting along, we have had our first argument of the deployment. It’s funny, how he can still get me so frustrated from so far away. We can argue about the smallest most insignificant thing and yet it bugs me to no end. And I think I frustrate him just as much.
Today’s argument was actually a bunch of small arguments. It started with me telling him that his mother advised me to lie to him about the condition of the cars. She said that I need a new car and rather than reasoning with him I should start making up problems to tell him each time he calls. I actually found this amusing. I would never lie to my husband, and I certainly wouldn’t manipulate him into buying a car if he didn’t know all the facts. We laughed a bit, but then began talking seriously about it. I won’t lie, I would love to buy a new car, even a new USED car would be fine.

Argument #1 centered around our Suburban.
His side: “I’ll never buy a new car again, it is a waste of money when you can buy a used vehicle for so much less”.
My side: “I agree that new cars are expensive however our Suburban was a deal too good to pass up. I am willing to hold out until we can get a good deal”.
His side: “The Burb wasn’t that good of a deal”
My side: “it most certainly was, and we should start looking for a new car now while we have time to look. If we wait until the cars break down then we will be rushed into buying”.
Our ‘Burb had a sticker price of $45,000. Because it had been sitting on the lot for 8 months (due to it’s ugly color and odd options) we were able to get it for $32,000.
That is $13,000 BELOW sticker!
That means we paid less than the dealer paid.
That means we paid what a USED ‘Burb would have cost.
That means WE GOT A GOOD DEAL!
That was the first minor argument. We agreed to disagree. OK. Onto argument #2 which came about because he claimed to not be able to afford a car payment:
Background: We moved up to New England in April 2008. Since then, our home down south has been sitting vacant. We have not rented it, we have not used it, it is not on the market. It’s a waste. We pay the mortgage and utilities every month on a house that is no good to anyone.
My Side: “during semester break I would like to go down and speak with a real estate agent about putting the house on the market”.
His side: “no way, we won’t get much for it, when I get home next summer I will go down there and fix it up; paint, laminate floors, etc”.
My side: “why don’t you let me put it on the market for what you expect to get for it. If we don’t get any offers than no harm done, but maybe there is someone out there willing to pay our asking price in the condition it’s in. It wouldn’t hurt to try”.
His side: “well, we can do it all over the phone, you don’t need to go down there”.
My side: “I want to go down there, it will be like a mini vacation for us. People pay thousands of dollars to vacation down there, we could consider ourselves lucky to own property. The boys could see their friends again and I could even get some painting done on the house”.
His side: “it’s a waste of money to go down there”
My side: “and it’s not a waste of money to pay out $1,000 each month on a house we don’t use”?
Agreement: He (conveniently) took the Real Estate POA with him overseas so he will have to send that back to me. He claims that he will do it this week, but between you and me, I think he will “forget”. I’ll never see that POA.
Argument #3
Background: This is the most ridiculous thing you will hear today I’m fairly sure. This past Christmas my husband decided that he was tired of spending $60 here $100 there on R/C trucks from WalMart or Toys R Us. He decided he was going to buy “good” ones from Traxxus. Now, most of you have probably never heard of this company, and that would be because it’s the biggest money/time waster for adults. These trucks are not cheap. We bought our 11 y/o and 8 y/o $500 R/C’s. Plus all the batteries, chargers, optional wheels, etc. We spent about $1500-$2000 on R/C’s for Christmas. As if that weren’t bad enough, the boys are not mature enough to have them and they break them almost constantly so we spend hundreds of dollars per month fixing them. ON TOP of all that, my lovely, sweet, thoughtful husband DEPLOYED shortly after Christmas and left me with very expensive toys that I don’t know how to fix and two very angry little boys who are in the running for Most Spoiled Kids in America.
My poor brother has been the one to fix these stupid machines each time the boys break them, but I know he’s getting tired of it. My husband keeps having boxes of spare parts shipped to his house so he can work on them. As if he has nothing else to do with his life than work on R/C trucks.
My side: “you know, if you would slow down on buying R/C parts, we could have our car payment. Hell, I could have the master bathroom finished (he gutted it before he left so there is nothing in it, not even a floor), or maybe a new driveway”.
His side: “here we go, why do you always criticize how I spend money, I don’t question you”
My side: “well, when was the last time I bought something other than groceries and gas”?
His side: “well I don’t tell you that you can’t”.
My side: “fine, I’m buying a new car”.
His side: “oh c’mon, it’s 11pm here, and I’m arguing with you about stupid stuff”.
My side: “fine, call me tomorrow and we’ll pick it up then”.
I am not expecting a call, by the way. hahaha.
So, that was our conversation today. Wonderful huh? I hate arguing with him, I do, especially when he’s over there and we can’t “kiss and make up” before going to bed. Of course, we weren’t actually yelling, and nobody said anything hurtful, it was just one of those disagreements. We said our “I love you”‘s before hanging up and I’m not mad. I am just frustrated with how he can get under my skin like that. I guess that’s what marriage is, huh? I would never argue with anyone else about something so stupid, I guess it just bugs me when he doesn’t agree with me.
Cuz I know I’m right.
I’m a girl, of course I’m right.
All the time.
Why doesn’t he get that?



 I am on some kind of a motivation kick lately. I am kicking butt! Or at least I feel like I am. I am trying
so hard to complete my goals for this week, although, I am going to have to hold off on the bulk trash stuff because I forgot to call. Ooops. Despite that flub, I have been working really hard these last couple days on the yard. I had no idea how thick the brush was down by the street. It didn’t look that bad, but once I started I realized I was in for a long haul. After two days I realized I needed help. So I told the boys that I would take them to Home Depot and buy them each their very own wheelbarrow that they could do whatever they wanted with as long as they helped me with the yard work. But when I got there I realized the wheelbarrows were $60-$125 each! NO WAY! So, I bought a trailer for my tractor.
The boys LOVE doing yard work now cuz it means they can drive the tractor to the woods to make brush dumps. LOL. 
Yesterday my brush trimmer motor gave out, so I had to go buy a new one. Nothing is going to stop me from making this goal this week, LOL.
I was going to wait to post the before and after pics until I had REALLY cleaned up the area, but I am so sunburned from the last few days that I honestly don’t know if I can do anymore tomorrow. So, I’ll post the before/after pics now.
And for all this hard work, I got this:
So, anyway, know that we are all showered, I’m taking the boys out for ice cream. See ya soon!



 What a day! OK, before I get to today, I guess I should fill you in on how the meeting went and the subsequent clinical day that followed. Basically, the director didn’t like what she was hearing and advised me to speak to the teacher myself. She said that she could do it, but it might work out better for me if I went up the ladder. As for my warning, she said not to worry. At clinical the next day, my teacher gave me the warning letter and said that if the director did not agree then it would be ripped up. OK. Well, no sense in crying now, what’s done is done, all I can do is make sure I don’t make anymore mistakes. I think I did quite well on Wednesday. I caught a med error (patient was allergic to the class of meds that had been prescribed), and I insisted on taking vital signs before giving patient noon meds thus finding she had an extremely low BP and knowing that one of the meds causes hypotension…. well, it was a good call, even if my teacher didn’t acknowledge it. Even though I knew that the teacher wanted to hurry up and get those meds passed I insisted on doing the vitals. She HAD to have realized that was a good call, anyway…. At the end of the day she pulled me aside and said my Care Plan was GREAT this week! How cool?!?!?

We are on to the cardiac chapters now, very difficult for me, so that means a lot more studying and practice exams. I started this week’s care plan at 8am this morning, by 11am I was reading the chapter, and by 1pm I needed a break. I decided that going to Walmart to buy useless things for the house was just what I needed. I packed up two of the kids and headed out that way (30 minutes away). Just before getting there I stopped at Dunkin Donuts for coffee and as we were pulling out I saw a Go-Kart track across the street. I pulled in and asked about height requirements. All the boys could drive. So, I decided to head back home to get C.  Oh, and there was an Air Jump that Z just HAD to try. The had so much fun.
Z in the pits
B in the pits
C in the pits
A Race to the Finish
Z on the Air Jump
Back Flip
A hard day’s work deserves ice cream

>Worst Clinical Day so far


 So, I feel like I have been avoiding my blog because I knew I needed to talk about clinical last week, but I wasn’t ready to talk about it.

This past week I had another clinical, the day was going fine. In fact, my patient was being discharged and I was going to get to take all the vital signs for the whole floor. I was feeling pretty good. I helped my patient get dressed and get ready for her ride. I raised the bed so that I could put on her shoes and socks without bending over (something they bang into our heads in school to prevent back injuries). Well, I left the room without lowering the bed. BIG mistake. The PCT told my instructor, who came down the hall to get me. Said she wanted to show me something in my patient’s room. I walked in and immediately knew she was upset about the bed. I rushed over and lowered it, but when I turned around the instructor was gone.

The day went on, I felt like crap for making that mistake but after calling my Mom on lunch break she made me feel better. She told me that as badly as I feel about it, I will never do it again. I guess that’s true.

So, with my patient discharged, I was called to a “code blue” in the ER. As a student my only job during codes is to stand in a corner and observe. This was my first, so I watched everything. After the patient died I went back to my group who was already in post conference. I reported everything I saw, the meds given, the procedures performed, the roles of each person in the room, etc. My fellow students were impressed with the amount of info I had remembered. We were dismissed, but I was told to wait around afterward.

I sat in my chair and waited for my teacher to call me over. When she did she handed me an advisory form. It was for my careplans. She said I had to go to tutoring. I didn’t understand! Most of my previous care plans received good grades! I have since gone back through them and have not found any significant errors. Nor did she ever write anything on my papers indicating that they were sub par.

I was fighting back tears, when she told me that she had already called the Director of the Nursing Program regarding my “bed issue”. She told me that the Director was going to have to review my file to determine what type of action to take next. She told me that the Director wants me to know that “a warning WILL be coming”. I was devastated. I was crying at this point. She stared me down and said “well”? I said “I guess I make a better dependent than a nursing student, maybe I’m not cut out for this”. And she nodded her head and said “I can’t make that decision for you”.

As I walked out of the hospital I was gasping for breath. I had been so completely crushed. I called my Mom when I got home. She was shocked at the situation. Now, my mom is an alumni from this school, and she is VERY good friends with the Director of Nursing. Yesterday I found out that my Mom had called the Director, and get this…. the director knows NOTHING of the situation. My teacher never called. My teacher lied. The director did NOT give her a message for me regarding the warning. In fact, the Director wants to sit down with me on Tuesday to discuss this event and how it was handled. I do not go around talking about my Mom and her friendship with the Director, because I do not want anyone to think that I am getting special treatment or anything like that because I am not. So, my teacher probably figured it was safe to threaten me with this. After hearing this, I felt so much better. I will let you know how Tuesday’s meeting goes.