>I need some good customer service NOW!

>I’m at the point where I’m ready to take all these cell phones and throw them out the window. I believe the can and string worked well enough for people back in the day, why won’t it work now????

So, here’s the latest in my frustrating Cell Phone Saga. After buying 5 phones on Monday I came home to realize that our reception was even worse with this company than it was with the other company. The only difference is that my Blackberry and Z’s Droid (oh yeah, did I forget to mention I bought my son a Droid???? Well, I justified it because he is working so hard in school now). Anyway, the two smartphones can hook up to our wifi to get a signal and make calls and such. The other phones cannot. So after being transferred 5 million times and finally getting some answers I went back to the store and returned the three non-smartphones. Then they said, the only phones they can give me that will hook up to the wifi are blackberries. I said absolutely not. I am not buying a 9 y/o a blackberry. They then agreed to take off the $30/month data plan so he can use it as just a phone. I finally agreed.

I was then informed that while they would not have the data package to use the internet anywhere they would still be able to hook up to the wifi to surf the net. That made the kids very happy. By the way, I’m getting this all for free because of my crappy reception area, so don’t think I’m crazy for spending absurd amounts of moolah.

OK, so we get home and now not only do the new blackberries not work on wifi, but now NONE of them do. I’m so frustrated. I’ve been on the phone with them for 3 days. Which means I have not been cleaning. Between the cell phones and my son’s extra homework I have done NOTHING since Monday.

So, here we are, 10am on a Thursday. I still have to call 611 to get the phones on the wifi, but I refuse to stay on the phone for more than one hour. I HAVE to do some housework. This is crazy.


>Being Proud of their Dad


I don’t have long because I have to go to class in a few minutes but I wanted to get this down now because I may not have time later.  As I said in yesterday’s blog, I got all my kids cell phones, including the youngest. Now, he has no need for a cell phone, in fact I am the only contact number in the phone. He mainly wants to use it as a camera and an ipod which is fine (keeps my minutes low). I got my husband and two of the boys all matching cell phones (because they were free) all the same color. I told them to put a wallpaper picture on their phones to distinguish them from the others.
Later that night I found a cell phone sitting on the counter with a picture of my husband in his uniform. I figured one of the kids had set my husband’s phone wallpaper for him. When I asked, I found out that it was my youngest son’s phone. He wanted to have a picture of his Dad on the front screen. I thought that was very sweet and told him so.
So, yesterday he came home from school and told me that some kids at school had told him that it was stupid to have a picture of his dad on his phone. (Non-military area as I’ve said before). I told him it was not stupid at all and that their dads were probably home almost every night so they didn’t need to keep pictures. I went through the whole discussion about “you’re Dad is a hero, just like some kids have pictures of Superman or Transformers; you’re Dad is a real life hero protecting the country”. He said he knew that but that he wished I could tell his friends because he gets shy. So I told him that he should tell his teacher. I offered to do it for him, but he said he could do it.
I drove him to school today so that we could avoid the bus ride where most of the comments are made. Hopefully he tells his teacher, and I’m hoping she takes this seriously. I don’t want my son to be ashamed to be proud of his father. It’s frustrating to live in a town where the military plays such a small role in the community that the kids know virtually nothing about it. It’s not the kid’s faults, it’s just how it is. I’m not angry, I’m just frustrated and I hope the teacher takes care of this in an appropriate manner.
I’ll let ya know.

>Cellular Horror


Kids don’t need cell phones! Why would they? They are kids!
OK, well, since we don’t have a home phone and my oldest son sometimes gets home from school before I do I suppose it makes sense for him to have a phone. It’s a matter of safety!
What’s that? Oh yeah, Z is only 17 months younger than C, and Z’s friends are constantly calling his bro’s cell which bothers him immensely. Fine, Z can have a cell phone too.
So, here we are with 2 out of 3 kids with cell phones, so what do you think happens now???? “Mooooom, I want a cell phone like my brothers, I don’t want to be a baby without a phone”.  No, absolutely not, you are only 9 years old, you have no need for a cell phone.
What’s that? The cell phone company is offering cell phone lines free for kids???? You mean I pay nothing at all??? No monthly fee, nothing? OK, fine.
Wait a minute, did I seriously just sign a contract yesterday for 5 lines of service for me and my three young boys? Well, yes I did. It just made sense to go ahead and get the DEPLOYED husband a new line too since it ends up being basically free in the end. So, now all of my kids have cell phones. Yeah, I’m THAT mom. Fan-friggin-tastic!

>The things we do for our kids


Here’s the deal. We have been in this school system for over two years now and I love it here. The schools are great, the teachers are well above par and the families around here are just as nice as can be. I love the town I live in. I couldn’t have imagined a better place to raise my boys.
Of course, there is one small issue that has quickly become a major issue recently.
It all started our first year here. All my kids had come from a school system down south that was not nearly as advanced as our current school district. In fact, all of my kids were behind in reading when we got up here. Math was their strong area, but reading was an issue. All three of them were put in reading resource right off the bat.
This school system has 4 schools. K-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-12. Our first year here C was in the intermediate school (6th grade). He did not make much progress that year with the reading. In fact, he had me VERY worried when he entered the 7th grade at the middle school. Long story short, at the end of the year 7th grade conference I was told that he had baffled all the teachers by improving THREE GRADE LEVELS in a single year. AMAZING! right?
Meanwhile, during that same year my middle son Z entered the Intermediate school as a 5th grader and he did not fair well. Little to no improvement the entire year.
That’s when it hit me. He improved his reading when he was in 4th grade at the Primary School but he made no improvement at the Intermediate School. C was the same way, no improvement at the Intermediate School but 3 grade levels up in the middle school. See a pattern here? Hmmmmm, could it be the reading resource teacher at the Intermediate School?????
So, when Z came home after the second day of school and said that he was embarrassed about being in Resource because they pulled him out of social studies to go meet with this Resource teacher and his friends were making fun of him; I told him the same thing I have always told him. “If you want to get out of resource you have to work for it. Nobody else can do it for you”.
The next week he began bringing home homework that looked like kindergarten work. Simple math facts, one syllable words, etc. That’s when I got mad. How are you going to tell me that resource is just helping him with extra one on one time yet holding him back by giving him menial busy work rather than challenging him to keep up with the mainstream kids?
So, I had a talk with Z. I told him that if he proved to me that he could show me how motivated he was with his current homework/assignments, I would request a meeting with the school to discuss putting him back into social studies.
The next day I called and was transferred to the resource teacher. She told me that Z was not a good student and that he always had to be reminded to stay on topic and pick his head up off his desk. I explained that that might be his way of dealing with his shame of being in her class, you know, the “I don’t care” attitude.
Anyway, she agreed to set up a meeting which took place today. I have been over this and over this in my head and decided that I knew what I had to do.
I walked into the school with confidence, because nobody knows my son better than I do and if I feel strongly about something like this, damnit they should listen to me. So anyway, we all sit down and the principal asks me to state why I called this meeting. I explained that Z was having self confidence issues being in Resource class, and the fact that he was missing social studies made him even more of an outcast in class. The resource teacher (I wanted to wring her neck at this point) passed out a friggin color coded bar graph of all of Z’s mistakes and behavior issues for the past 2 weeks.
Basically, anytime she had to talk to him she marked it in her little chart. Sure, the chart looked terrible. However, the past three days had 0 issues. (I’d say that’s saying something). After explaining her fancy chart to the room she proceeded to state “for the record, I do NOT think Z is ready to be moved to mainstream social studies. He needs to spend quite a bit more time in my classroom before we should even consider this. My recommendation is for him to remain where he is and we can reconvene in January”.
The fact that I didn’t jump across the table at that point says a lot for my self control. I sat there nodding, taking in her recommendation but immediately argued my point that his “bad behavior” could be a result of his feeling ashamed and embarrassed about being there at all. I then asked his mainstream teacher if she had noticed any of these issues in her class and she replied with an emphatic NO.
That’s when the school psychologist chimed in and said that the self confidence of a child at this age is a huge motivating factor and that he may not be trying because he is so wrapped up in the embarrassment of his current situation. If we give him the benefit of the doubt and put him in mainstream social studies we have a 50/50 chance of failing or succeeding but that the threat of going “back to resource” could be enough of a motivating factor to keep him on track.
That is when I pulled out my secret weapon that I had been holding onto throughout the meeting. I told them that I would be willing to pick up the study plan, class curriculum, and assignments the prior week so I could preteach him. I will have him prepared for class each day by going over everything with him the night before. Once I said this, it was a unanimous decision (well, all except for that evil resource teacher) to go ahead and give him a chance. They explained to me that this would be a huge chunk of time in the evenings and that it was a huge role I was taking on. I told them I was aware of this and that I was willing to do whatever it took to see my son succeed.
Thank goodness they don’t know that I’m in Nursing School, because I honestly don’t know how I’m going to juggle all of this, and I wouldn’t have had an adequate answer if they had asked. All I know is that my son’s 6th grade education is by far, more important than me going to nursing school. I am determined to make it work, but when all is said and done, if I have to make a choice; my kids come first.
Tonight was the first night of the extra homework and holy moly did we have a lot to cover. On top of all his regular homework, he had to catch up on 3 weeks worth of reading in the social studies text. So, I decided that I didn’t have time to make dinner tonight and picked up McDonald’s on the way home. Big mistake. Two of the kids now have horrible stomach aches from the greasy food, Z being one of them. I thought I was being a cool mom by letting them have fast food for dinner, little did I know that I would only further impede his ability to concentrate by giving him a severe belly ache. Oh well, we trudged through and completed everything asked of us. He is now completely caught up in social studies and is ready for class in the morning.
I know I’m crazy for taking this on, but really, what else am I going to do? Sure I have three kids who often need help with homework, yup, my husband is deployed and cannot help me in the evening, of course the boys have to eat dinner every night and the house still has to be cleaned, laundry washed and of course there is Nursing School which is a BIG chunk of time. But when all is said and done, my kids are my top priority, and getting them to succeed in school is one of my main goals as a parent. If this one particular resource teacher has a bad track record of failing two of my children by not helping them read better than I have to step in. I have to do her job for her. I HAVE to be my child’s advocate. If I don’t, then who will?
So, my nights are going to be crazy, I’m going to be stressed, I’m going to wonder if this will ever end. But I am going to have successful kids, with or without helpful teachers. I can do this. He can do this. We will do this together and that’s all there is too it.
The things we do for our kids; it’s amazing how I can be so sure that this is the right decision even though it means that I could potentially fail out of nursing school. It’s part of being a mom, I will always put them first. Always.
I sure hope they remember the things I do for them when I’m old. They better put me in the nicest nursing home they can afford. Otherwise I’m going to show their wives all the embarrassing pictures of them as toddlers running around stark raving naked in a sprinkler, and maybe even the pics of them playing dress up in high heeled shoes. Oh yeah, I’d do it, don’t think for a moment that I wouldn’t.
OK, now, I’m off to bed because I have completely neglected all housework today and I can’t stand looking at this pig sty any longer. I will deal with it tomorrow.
Good night!

>Semester 3 Week 3 Exam 1

>I am in my third of five semesters of Nursing School. This is Week 3. We had our first exam today, and it was a doozy! I was pretty confident going in because I had a good grasp of acid-base imbalances and the hematologic system. I didn’t get as much studying as I would have liked last night, but it was all good because I wasn’t too stressed about it anyway. I just needed to review notes which I did this morning. 

I walk into class this morning and everyone has this look of panic on their faces, I sit down and the girl in front of me spins around in her chair and says “last night’s class said this is the hardest exam yet… highest grade was a 72”!  WHAT?!?!? 73 is passing for those of you non-nursing students. Yeah, the entire class failed! I later found out that there were in fact a couple of 80’s but at the time I didn’t know this.
I’m trying to calm myself down while the teacher starts passing out the test. It was tough. Very tough. There were a few questions on B12 which I hadn’t paid much attention to since it wasn’t part of her lecture; oops. I managed to get most of them right, but I did wind up getting two VERY stupid questions wrong.
Which patient is most at risk for dehydration?
 – young post surgical on bedrest
 – young receiving hypotonic fluids
 – old receiving hypertonic fluids
 – old cognitively impaired
I answered hypertonic, the answer was the impaired patient. I knew this. Stupid mistake. The other one I got wrong I can’t remember but I know it was stupid. All in all, I wound up with a 78%. Class average for today’s class was a 77%. I am not too upset because at this point, I have gotten used to the idea that I am no longer a straight A student; not in nursing school.
I still have to work on my clinical packet for Friday. I’m worried because every clinical instructor expects different things in the packets and what one instructor may want another instructor will consider wrong. This is the first packet of the semester so I’m nervous about it which may be why I’m waiting until the last minute to complete it. I’ve worked on bits and pieces throughout the week so I really just need to put it all together.
I am about halfway through the program yet it feels like just yesterday I was accepted. It has gone by so quickly. I guess I’m feeling pretty good about it (as of right now) this could change in a moment. But for right now, I am feeling confident that I can do this.

>Hoping for a seamless transition

>I have read a few blogs lately regarding R&R and it seems to be a pretty common thing for the reality of this short break to fall short of our idealizations. We imagine how nice it will be to have him home, but our method of coping with the separation typically involves filling the gaps he leaves behind to minimize the effects of his absence. Of course, we are expected to behave like a yo-yo in that we need to function independently while he’s gone but seamlessly transform into a dependent while he’s home. Not to mention the fact that 2 weeks is barely enough time to adjust before having to say “good-bye” all over again.

This worries me. While this is not our first deployment, it IS our first R&R. I have become independent just like I do during every deployment but this time I fear the transition during R&R and the subsequent transition back to Miss Independent after he leaves again.
This morning while I was cleaning the house I began thinking of all the things that will have to change again once he’s home:
Cleaning: I go through phases throughout the week because I just can’t keep up with cleaning the entire house every single day. Beginning of the week is typically washing laundry, kitchen, living room. End of the week is kitchen, living room and kid’s bedrooms. Weekends are usually spent putting away laundry from the beginning of the week and doing organization type projects. So basically, my kitchen and living room are usually messy on the weekends while there is almost always a pile of unfolded clean laundry during the week. This method works for me because it ensures everything gets done at some point. This will not work when DH is home because he does not like to see laundry in baskets, nor is he one for overlooking a sink full of dishes.

Sleeping Patterns: Well, the first thing that would have to change is the fact that my youngest son has begun sleeping in my bed with me almost every night. He says he’s scared of the dark. The second thing is that I tend to go to bed late, and ALWAYS leave the bedside lamp on for at least 15 minutes so I can read or do a crossword puzzle to help make me tired. I can’t just get into bed and close my eyes. Doesn’t work for me, but that is a BIG argument between us because he goes to bed early and cannot sleep with any lights on.

Dinner: Have you ever noticed that packages of boneless chicken come in 3-packs??? Well, they do, and that is perfect because I have 3 kids. Now, that means that I have to find something else for me, but that usually works out because I’m a big snacker so going without dinner isn’t that big of a deal. When DH is home that means 2 packages of chicken per dinner. Not to mention the fact that he likes a variety of meats throughout the week. My idea of variety is changing up the marinade, but he wants red meat, pork, etc. So, the menu changes dramatically which means the shopping is more complicated. Ugh, just thinking about it makes me feel frustrated.

There are plenty more things but I need to wrap this up so I can get B to the dentist. Basically it boils down to the fact that I love my husband and want nothing more than to have him home right now, but my method of dealing with his absence is to fill up all the little gaps he leaves when he goes. It makes his absence less noticeable. Of course, when he comes home and tries to fit back into his role the family starts bursting at the seems until I learn to give in a bit. But that just means that the process of filling those gaps again after he redeploys will bring up all those lonely feelings from the beginning of the deployment.

Anyway, it’s good to know I’m not the only one that has these feelings. It’s not the type of thing you would admit to people freely because it could easily be taken as a lack of love on my part which is so far from the truth. OK, off to the dentist!

>Embarrassing Clinical Day

>Whew! It has been a long day! I had clinical and we had our first patient assignment of the semester. I was given a fairly easy case, although I definitely worked hard between running to the lab for transfusions and fighting with a hungry NPO patient. All in all, a good day. But let me tell you, I could have fallen asleep at any point if I had merely rested my head on a table. Serious exhaustion.

Last night I dealt with the typical homework issues with the boys, studied for their spelling tests and had to go to the hospital to get my patient assignment. Of course I also had to clean the house because my brothers were supposed to be coming over today and I wouldn’t be getting out in time to clean before they showed up. So everything had to be clean last night. I wound up going to bed around 2300 and spent the night getting kicked by my youngest who has begun sleeping in my bed almost every night.
The alarm went off at 0500, snooze button was hit promptly at 10 minute intervals until about 0530 at which time I jumped out of bed and hurriedly got myself and the kids ready for school. By 0620 I was out the door with B, dropped him off at the neighbors to catch the school bus, and raced to the hospital barely getting there by 0645.
Of course there is one very important element to my days that was left out of this succession of events.
Not a single drop of coffee (or any type of caffeine for that matter) entered my body all day. It was ridiculous. I could have fallen asleep standing up if I had been standing still long enough.
I can’t bring coffee onto the floor with me because, well… it’s a hospital so I went without. It was rough, very rough. At post conference I was ecstatic that it was being held in the cafeteria which meant I could finally ingest some of that much needed goodness, but of course Post Conference was held at 1500 so I went all day without.
Oh, and I suppose I should not forget to include one of the most embarrassing moments I have had in a while. So we are sitting around the table discussing the day’s events. Keep in mind, this is only our second week  so I do not know these girls very well at all. In fact, I only just met the teacher last week.  Some of the girls know each other from previous courses but I don’t know any of them.
So we are sitting there at the table, I am taking notes. Sitting on the edge of my chair because the seats are so indented that it feels as though you are reclining if you sit all the way back.
Out of the blue, as if someone tied a rope and yanked, my chair FLEW out from behind me and went flying across the cafeteria. Of course I wind up on the floor. Now, we are not talking about a knee, or a hand, or even a graceful slip. I am on the floor, on my back looking at the bottom of the table.

Really? Why???
After everyone gasps and asks “are you all right”? My teacher asks “did it break or did it slip”? As I pick myself up and go get the chair that feels 6 miles away at this point, I tell her “the chair is fine, I slipped”.
Of course it would have been pretty embarrassing to have BROKEN the chair, although, the fact that I fell out of my chair is right up there on the embarrassment scale. I mean, it wasn’t like I was sitting down and MISSED the chair, I had been sitting in that chair for about 10 minutes. I wasn’t even reaching for something, I hadn’t moved. I was literally sitting at the table one second and the next… I was on the ground.  As I adjusted myself in the chair and attempted to pretend I hadn’t just had one of those awkward high school moments I realized everyone was staring at me. So I said the first thing that came to mind….. and again, I feel that I must reiterate I am not good under pressure. So I tell everyone that “next time I promise to wear my seat belt”…..
~~~~~~~~~~the sound of crickets chirping~~~~~~~~~~~
Yeah, not such a good first impression, or second. Anyway, that was my day. My very embarrassing day. Lovely huh?  ´╗┐Maybe next week I can attach some toilet paper to my shoe and walk around with a hitchhiker, or maybe I could wear bright pink underwear under my white scrub pants. Or maybe, I could just walk around all day with a booger hanging out of my nose. Yeah, all of these things sound like me. Maybe I’ll just do it all.

>Nursing Semester #3

>I have started my 3rd semester of Nursing School. Supposedly this one is a big step from the previous two. It’s more in depth and demanding. I have been prepared for the extra work I would have to put in however what I was NOT expecting was the change in instruction.

I have talked before about my clinical instructor last semester. I have complained and vented about how difficult she made things and how I felt that she “had it in for me”. I kept reminding myself that “the semester is almost over”. That was all fine and dandy until the last day of the semester. When the infamous clinical instructor announced that she would be moving on with us to teach the lecture in the 200 level Nursing class.

ANOTHER semester with her???????

After sitting on it for a few days I realized that I had to at least give her a chance as a lecture instructor. I have to admit she taught us well. I did like her style, I just didn’t like the way I felt like the class misfit everytime she talked to me.

Lecture is a whole different ball game. I either do well on tests or I don’t. Her opinion of me will not change my grades! So, I began to feel better.

I had my first class on Wednesday and it went very well. I still hold the opinion that she lectures well; clear, concise, to the point, etc. Then at the end of class she asked me to hang back for a minute. Yes, I was nervous, but not shaking in my sneakers nervous.

She wanted to ask me if I had yet found a military support group up here for dependents. I told her I had not and she asked if she could send some info to me with links for Homework Help e-tutoring for the kids, and an invitation to a spouse support group meeting. I said of course and that I would greatly appreciate it.  The conversation was completely different than any we had had last semester. I almost felt like she didn’t hate me!

We’ll see if this holds throughout the semester, I sure hope so.

Clinical went well too. My new instructor seems very nice. It was just orientation, so no patients last  week, but this Friday I will have a patient and will get a feel for how things work on the floor. I’m hoping this semester goes well. PLEASE go well. Last semester had me feeling like I wanted to quit. I NEED a good semester to give me the motivation to continue and finish this adventure.

>To Tell; or Not to Tell


When the boys were young I LOVED Christmas, I loved the talk about Santa and the elves, I even welcomed the questions they had such as “how do reindeer fly if they don’t have wings” or “this house doesn’t have a chimney, how will he get in”. Well, I enjoyed them until they started throwing actual scientific reasoning behind their arguments, but even that I wiggled out of.
So, as the years went on it hadn’t occurred to me that at some point they would have to know. My oldest son is a very smart kid, he is very analytical and scientific in his reasoning. When he was about 9 or 10 he began questioning Santa’s existence a bit more, but the difference was that when he walked away I didn’t feel that he was satisfied with my answers. Another Christmas came and went and I began to realize what was happening. HE KNEW! But he also sensed that I wanted him to believe…. so he pretended. He was doing it for me! Talk about a great kid! He is 13 now and I have never actually admitted to him the truth; it’s just an unspoken thing.
2 years ago, my middle son came to me and gave me the same line I had given my parents 2 decades ago “all my friends are telling me that it’s not true, please don’t make me look like a fool in front of my friends”. So, of course, I sat him down and had The Talk. I made him PROMISE that he wouldn’t say anything to his younger brother. I threatened to only buy him educational toys rather than fun toys if he did. lol. So far it has worked.
So, here is my dilemna:
My youngest is 9 years old and he still believes.
He believes because his older brothers tell him it’s true.
He believes because I would never lie to him.
He believes because he is a sweet little boy who WANTS to believe.
I am not ready to be out of the Santa Stage. I am not ready for all of my kids to know! I know this is a part of growing up, but I’m just not ready!
Last year B (youngest) came home and told me that his friend down the street told him on the bus that Santa wasn’t real and that it was his parents because he had SEEN them do it. I told him that he must not have behaved because if Santa thinks you are a bad boy he won’t bring you anything at all. I explained that his parents probably didn’t want him to be sad so they put stuff under the tree to make him feel better. The very next day B comes home and tells me that that same friend had “admitted” to lying and that Santa was, in fact, real!
Of course, I am sure I know what happened. The kid went home and said “this boy believes” and the mother must have forced him to tell B that he had lied. So, obviously other kids in his grade know, but he doesn’t. I don’t want him to look silly in school, but I’m also not ready to tell.
I will absolutely NOT do it this year during a deployment. I think it would hurt my husband more than it would me if he weren’t here for The Talk. But that leaves next year when B will be 10 years old! Is that too old? I still can’t believe my kids are this age anyway, just yesterday I was changing diapers and juggling car seats. Now I’m shopping at special shoe stores for a size 14 and I am paying outrageous amounts of money for unlimiting texting on our cell phone plan. Where did my babies go?
Any advice for a Mom of 3 tween/teens who is refusing to admit her boys are growing up???

>My First Friend in New England


I have never allowed my boys to have a sleepover. I have allowed their friends to stay at my house overnight, but they’ve never been allowed to have a sleepover anywhere else. I have just never felt comfortable with the idea of someone else watching my kids. I know it’s a normal part of growing up, I did it plenty as a kid but that didn’t make it any easier to let go.

Friday afternoon my youngest gets a phone call from a kid down the street. They are good friends. I’ve met his mother a couple times at soccer games and the grocery store. Very nice, down to Earth person. The kid is also very smart and polite. I hate to even admit this, but I tend to develop preconceived notions of the parents based on their kid’s behavior, manners and even clothing. Well, maybe not so much as they get older, but with the young kids, 6th grade and below I’d say that the kids are a direct reflection of the parents. Which is why I am always telling my kids “we are in public” because they know that they are held to a higher standard in public. Yeah, I know it’s wrong, but I can’t help it.
OK, so B gets a call from this kid and after talking for 15 minutes he hands me the phone and says that the mom wants to talk to me. She informs me that the boys have decided they want to do a sleepover! I wanted so badly to say no, but B’s face was BEGGING me to say yes. In the end, I agreed to a sleepover but made sure that the mom knew that I would come get him at any point throughout the night. She is my neighbor, however she is 1/2 mile down the road (yeah, we live in the woods). So, I hang up, get B packed and ready, explain that it’s ok to want to come home, blah blah blah.
I drop him off, I’m terrified. He’s ecstatic! He says “I love you, Mom, byeeeee” and runs off to play. I’m standing there with the same feelings I had 9 years ago when I dropped my oldest son off at Kindergarten on the first day. It was a MAJOR parenting milestone for me, and it also happened to be my youngest son doing it first! Major.
The night was ok, only two kids in the house, it was strangely calm. But when morning came I began missing him so much. Normally he gets up as soon as he hears me banging around in the kitchen making coffee. His brothers are not morning people so I let them sleep until after my coffee. B then puts Spongebob on the TV while I drink my java and check my email. It’s a ritual that I don’t think I even realized we had. It’s just something we do. Never thought about it. It just is. So when he wasn’t here to get up with me I sat in my empty living room, listening to the quiet while my older sons slept. I wanted so badly to go pick him up.
Finally it was time. I drove down the street and began chit chatting with the mom. 3 hours later I realized I had just made a new friend. I real one. Not the kind that you wave to when you pass them on the road, but a real friend that you can call when you need an extra egg for the cake you’re making. I’ve been up here for 2 years and have yet to make a friend! It was wonderful. I had to go to my MIL’s for dinner with the kids, but after that we decided that I would head back on over to her house to watch a movie while the boys played.
It was awesome. Here’s the problem. She has a HUGE house. AND it’s immaculate. Not a drop of dust, dirt or grime anywhere. I don’t know how she does it. AND, of course, she had no idea that I was going to wind up hanging out there, so it wasn’t like she cleaned in preparation. Noooooo, she took me on a tour of her house, to show me all the cool architecture, and when we entered the master bedroom and I saw that her bed was made with decorative pillows and everything I felt about 2 inches tall. She makes her bed on a daily basis. Holy crap, she is amazing! I am lucky if I brush my hair on a daily basis.
I walked into my house last night and stared at the disorganized bookcases, the dusty window sills, the 4 loads of laundry that need to be put away and the dishwasher that needs to be unloaded and reloaded and I wanted to just scream. How does she DO it? I am so embarrassed for the day she comes to my house and sees how bad of a housekeeper I am. Even if I try to clean up beforehand it will never look like hers. Ugh. So, I’ve made a friend, and that is AWESOME, but it may be a while before I invite her over. I think we need to get a little closer first before I let it be known that I am a terrible maid.
And with that, I’m off to clean my kitchen.