>So much for a relaxing night!


I’m done for the night. I finished my paper (9 pages APA format) prepared all my documentation for all 22 medications my patient is on tomorrow, printed everything off, showered and still have time to relax… or so I thought.
After getting everything packed away in my backpack I realized it was only 2015, so I jump in the shower and while I’m drying off and putting on my fuzzy jammies I start thinking about relaxing in the living room and maybe even watching a little TV as a reward for finishing everything early. That’s when I hear it…. you know what I’m talking about…. the high pitched, uncontrollable, hysterical laughter that only siblings can bring out in one another. As I silently creep down the hallway I find the boys playing a video game and screaming in laughter at some of the most random things. They were so far beyond silly at this point I didn’t know if they would ever calm down without some sort of IV sedative or a frying pan to the head. In fact, just to prove how crazy they were being; I was sitting on the floor, putting my comfy socks on and they came over to me and began telling me what was so funny. Apparently, they were playing a car racing game and one of them was the “bad guy” the other was the “policeman” trying to pull him over. They went back and forth for a few minutes while I caught maybe every fourth word through the laughing. That’s when Z says “Once a criminal, always a criminal”, I looked at him and asked where he had heard that and he responded with the straightest face possible “High School Musical”. This made B erupt in laughter all over again, only this time he was drinking water. So you guessed it. SNARFFFFF!!!! Only it gets better, guess which direction he was facing when the joke was made. Yup, you guessed it…. MY direction. I got sprayed in B-water. Fantastic! So much for being Zest-fully clean.  Thank goodness it’s bedtime, although, I’m going to have to keep an ear out for escapees. Maybe I should put bells on their doors so when they open them they chime, or maybe a bucket of water, oh if only I could set a trap like Sylvester used to do to catch Tweety; then I would be the one hysterically laughing. Muah hahahah.

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