>C’mon Little Roof, You Can Do It!


The past few days our local newspaper has had numerous articles regarding the roof collapses in and around New England. It started with older structures, then flat roofs like those on commercial buildings started giving way, and now shallow pitched residences are going too.
Honestly, it’s quite scary. Our schools have been closed all week because they are trying to clear the roofs, other school districts are dismissing early today because of cracking or bowing ceilings. The National Guard was in a neighboring town yesterday, and they are in the next town over today. I have MAJOR ice dams going all the way around my roof, so using a roof rake to get the snow off could potentially put more stress on other parts causing an even bigger issue. This is one of the worst winters in this area, it is certainly worse than I can ever remember. Sure I spent quite a bit of time away from New England, but the last time I heard of a major roof collapse due to snow was the Civic Center (the year I was born).
I think I’m going to visit my mom today, we’ll have a sleepover up there. My stepdad built the house and he doesn’t cut corners so I know his roof is safe, lol.
And last, but not least, head on over to No Model Lady’s blog and link up at the MilSpouse Weekly Roundup. It’s a great way to catch up on all your favorite blogs each week and maybe even meet some new bloggers.

2 thoughts on “>C’mon Little Roof, You Can Do It!

  1. >That is crazy about the roofs, our neighbors roof collapsed after a few inches of snow here in Ok, and they had a nice house with a nice roof! I have no idea oh it collapsed! I thought of you when I seen it, I was telling my husband that I hope your roof makes it through the winter. He was asking who I was talking about and I had to show him your blog! lol Oh and our school has been totally self teaching for the last week, it sucks and I hate it! I couldn't imagine being out as long as you have!

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