>Move Over, Eli Whitney


I was going to become rich.
I was going to become a millionaire.

I have some great ideas, and these ideas were going to make me the most successful SAHM in the country.

Well, they WERE going to make me rich. That is, until I realized that I actually have to know how to MAKE these inventions before selling them. Apparently, people don’t really think ideas are as useful as the product itself. Geesh!

So, I am going to give you all my ideas and I can only hope that someone makes one of my inventions so that I can use them before I’m too old to appreciate them.

A splash shield for the toilet
If you have boys you know what a necessity this is.

A washing machine/dryer combo
You put the dirty clothes in; they come out clean and dry. Ta-Da! How come no body has thought of this yet? Can you imagine how much time it would save?
Water Proof Kitchen w/pressure nozzles.
OK, so I want to be able to seal off the kitchen so I can spray it down with a hose. I want to have the added feature of a pressure nozzle for those hard to get, stuck on messes.
Water Proof Vehicle interior.
Tell me you haven’t been sitting in a car wash and had the almost irresistible urge to roll down the windows to get the interior clean. Seriously, same idea as the kitchen, hosing down the car would make things so much easier.
Menus for any restaurant
As the years go by restaurants seem to add more and more options for children. While that may SEEM like a good thing… it’s not, at least for MY family. The boys could sit at the table for 2 hours deciding between the chicken nuggets and the mac n cheese, then when we finally order they will change their minds as soon as the waitress walk away. My idea? A customizable menu with 3 options, two of which they do NOT like.
And now, I’m going to go utilize an invention that already had a real positive influence on my sanity… NETFLIX. A couple clicks of the mouse, some microwave popcorn, and the kids are occupied for at least an hour.
Totally worth the $8/month.

One thought on “>Move Over, Eli Whitney

  1. >If only I were that smart, the washer/dryer combo sounds amazing and takes up less space! The kitchen thing is pretty awesome too, along with the pee splash guard.Oh heck, I love them all!Sorry I haven't been around much lately. I have a huge renal exam on monday. YIKES!Hubby is leaving really soon too so I am trying to juggle studying and last moments with him, I have discovered that it is hard to have any sort of life outside of nursing school.I love nursing, I hate nursing school.Hope you have been doing good!

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