>Smoking Cessation – Day #01

>Day #01
17 FEB 2011 @ 2100 – 18 FEB 2011 @ 2100

My reasons for quitting

a. I don’t want my kids to see me smoking, they know the dangers of smoking and can’t understand why I continue to do it. I was Z’s age when I started, I can’t imagine him smoking.

b. Another reason is that I don’t want to get sick/die, I am 32 y/o and it is not unheard of for middle aged women to suffer strokes and heart attacks. I don’t want to be sick. A couple years ago in A&P lab we had a set of lungs from a smoker and a healthy set, it was amazing the difference. The smoker’s lungs had no elasticity and just felt “sick”. Gross. I can still remember the feel of those lungs.

c. Money! As if $8 isn’t enough for a pack of cigarettes, the prices will only go up. We could use that money somewhere else, for something more fun. Like a new car.

d. And one of my biggest pushes to be smoke free is my husband. He hates that I smoke, and wants nothing more than for me to have quit by Homecoming. I promised him I would and the time is fast approaching.

Today wasn’t too bad, I certainly wanted to smoke but the cravings weren’t too bad. I went to the store and bought junk food to munch on. Maybe I bought a little too much…

I am very irritable, I feel lightheaded and out of breath. Weird!

The coughing isn’t too bad because I took a cough suppressant earlier when I began to cough. I want to stay ahead of it because I know it’s going to give me an excuse to start smoking again.

I’m also drinking more water to flush the toxins and chemicals from my body.

The first 72 hours are the hardest, right? @ 2100 – I have officially completed my first full day as a non-smoker. The timeline says that at 24 hours “anxieties will peak in intensity” and “within 2 weeks will return to pre-cessation levels”. That means I can expect a lot of stress for the next couple weeks. Fantastic. That’s what makes me smoke in the first place. I’m headed to bed now because I like the idea of sleeping through the worst of the withdrawals.



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