>Smoking Cessation – Day #03

>Day #03

19 FEB 2011 – 20 FEB 2011 @2100

Waking up today my chest feels terrible. I have a cough and and the only way I can describe the feeling is “dusty”. My lungs feel dusty. I’ve never been good with words, can ya tell?

I’m going to take some more cough suppressant today, I know I shouldn’t keep doing this but I hate coughing and if I don’t stop it I will use it as an excuse to smoke again. At some point I need to allow my body to rid itself of the “smoke residue” but today is a little early to be testing my willpower. It won’t take much to push me toward a cigarette.

That’s another thing. I’m trying to stay away from my family. They all smoke. Being near them now and watching them smoke would almost certainly be an end to my cessation attempt. Therefore I have kind of locked myself in the house with the kids. I just have to keep thinking about how happy this is going to make DH at Homecoming.

@ 2100 – I am now at 72 hours. Supposedly my body is now officially 100% nicotine-free That means that from here on out it is a psychological game. The hardest thing will be this weekend when I have a bunch of people over for Bro #2’s baby shower. Everyone smokes. I am going to need a lot of willpower.


One thought on “>Smoking Cessation – Day #03

  1. >Just stay inside and stay busy, if someone goes for a smoke do something with your hands after you walk away! You can do it, I hate it when I try to stop hubby will smoke in the car with me, thats my breaking point. I will light one up. I am going to seriously quit while he is gone, and when he gets back there is going to be NO smoking in the house. My goal is to be smoke free, we plan on buying a house when he gets back and I am not taking our nasty smoke in the house habit to a new house. I wish we would have never started smoking in the house. I will not judge you if you smoke in yours! lol It is so easy to do especially when it is cold or rainy outside.

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