>Meet A MilSpouse Monday


Today is Monday, what comes to mind when you think of Monday?
Do you think “oh boy, I have to go back to work/school”.
Or maybe you get excited that the kids go back to school after two days of driving you insane with Nerf darts in the head and chocolate milk mix on the floor.
Maybe it’s your day to wash the sheets, or clean out the fridge.
Well, forget all that, because from now on Mondays are going to have a NEW meaning. You are going to smile when that alarm clock goes off, you’re going to SPRING out of bed and BOUND down the hallway so you can power up that computer.
You might be asking yourself “why would I be bounding before my morning cup of Joe”?
Well, let me tell you why.           
THIS is why!
Marah is hosting Meet A MilSpouse Monday! It is a fantastic way to meet new MilWives, she interviews us, we give honest answers and you read our answers. Marah is a Marine wife, and has the most adorable little baby boy, Kolt. Her blog will keep you entertained all afternoon, her blogging style is honest with a twist of humor. You’ll enjoy reading, promise.
The first thing you should do is head on over to Marah’s blog and follow her if you aren’t already. All the cool kids are doing it, trust me. Then read my answers and leave me some love if you feel inclined to do so; I love gettin’ me some love.
I can’t wait to see you all there, and thanks so much for featuring me Marah, you ROCK!

>Guest Blogging


 For the first time in my Blogger Career Blogger Lifetime? Blogging Phase? For the first time since I started blogging (there we go) I have been asked to be a Guest Blogger. How exciting is this. Sarah, over at G.I. Joe’s Wife is enjoying a much needed R+R with her husband but she has not forgotten about us. Nope, she has lined up two weeks worth of guest bloggers to fill her blog with. I am lucky enough to be one of them. Thanks so much Sarah!
When I went to her blog to admire see my post I realized the pictures weren’t showing up. That kind of makes the post a bit less interesting it’s about Christmas photos, so you kinda have to see the pics. Anyway, I reposted here but don’t forget to go over to G.I. Joe’s Wife’s Blog and check out all the other super, fantastic, great, beautiful, smart, caring, insightful, witty bloggers there.
First off, I’d like to thank GI Joe’s Wife for having me as a Guest Blogger today. I am Just Another Milspouse and this is my first time as a guest. I am just SUPER excited that she chose me for today. Thank you, Sarah, YOU ROCK! So here is a story about our worst Christmas card photo ever!
Every year I see those beautiful Christmas cards with the smiling kids all facing the camera. I have wanted to send out cards like that every year, but I don’t live in a fantasy land. I didn’t have delusions of MY toddlers/infants being able to smile quietly for portraits. So, I planned to wait until they were older. Last year was that year. I was determined. I had a vision in my head of what I wanted; and I marched in there with my three boys following obediently with threats of “no dessert for a week if you act up”.
It’s funny how The Giggles work. Once you start, it’s oh so hard to stop. I understand this. I still get The Giggles when I’m over tired or when I’m hanging out with my brothers. Despite understanding this, I still get frustrated when The Giggles start at inopportune times such as a portrait session.
This is one of the first shots we got. The photographer laughed so hard while I cringed with the fear of how the rest of the session was going to go. At least she had a sense of humor though.

After a few more shots with bunny ears, tongues sticking out, blinking eyes and someone’s foot; the photographer decided to go a different route. She told the kids to play with their toys as if they were playing on Christmas morning. This came out ok, but not really what I was looking for.

I finally got my picture. After over an hour in that studio. C (the tall one) had just kicked B (the small one in green) in the back so his smile is more of a painful forced smile but hey, it works right?
So, I’m sitting at the computer picking out the Christmas cards to send out this year when the photographer comes over and tells me that she absolutely LOVES the first picture. “It captures their personalities” she said.
Long story short; I wound up putting THAT picture on my Christmas cards. Can you believe it? I must be nuts. At least my family had a good laugh out of it. The grandparents, not so much. I promised myself I would get it right for 2010, but for 2009 our Christmas cards were something most parents would CRINGE at.
May all your Christmas portraits come out perfect!