>Snowed in

> Today we got some snow.

Yes, those are two full sized grills underneath that snow. This picture was taken around 1100, it continued to snow until about 2030. You see that knob right there in the center of the picture? Yeah, you can’t see it anymore.

I went out with the intention of snowblowing this morning (to get a head start on it) but by the time I got out there it was already taller than the snowblower. I tried shoveling the top half so I could blow the rest but my back and arms were screaming after about an hour and I didn’t even make it back from the first pass.

I gave up. I was not getting anywhere. My truck is BURIED. I am not getting out of this driveway today. My neighbor brought his Super Duty pickup over to plow….. but he couldn’t even get to the driveway. I came inside put some scrub pants on (one of the perks of being a nursing student, your work attire doubles as jammies) and made dinner for the kids.
That’s when I realized
I panicked! The semester started this week and my clinicals this semester are in a public school.
Just as I was about to get my boots back on and head out into the night to shovel my truck out, BRO #2’s girlfriend called. Told me to turn on Channel 3. And that’s when I saw it.
Just Another MilSpouse’s Kids Public School – CLOSED
Just Another MilSpouse’s Clinical School – CLOSED
Cue the beautiful harp music with birds flying in the background.
So what did I do next? Well, I grabbed myself a big ole bowl of Jubilee Ice Cream roll, sat my absurdly wide rear end on the couch and attempted to read Chapter 34 of my Pediatrics Text.
Well, I got through the first two pages but the game show the kids were watching on TV proved to be MUCH more entertaining.
I am going to head back out first thing in the morning with a shovel and just do as much as I can. I have plenty of Ibuprofen stocked so I can whimper tomorrow night, but I HAVE to get rid of this snow.

>Sick kids and sick me.


 Well, I am having on of those weeks. You know the ones in which nothing goes right, but nothing goes completely wrong either. It’s just been a week requiring patience. I’ve been working some more on the yard. I’ve gotten quite a bit done,although, if the brush trimmer could make my life any easier I’d be so appreciative. I’ve replaced all the parts on it at least once since I started my Brush Crusade. It’s not working right now, I have to go back to Home Depot AGAIN, but I won’t get into all that.
Last Tuesday night I tossed and turned all night with a fever.
Wednesday I suffered through my clinical day with a nagging tickle cough.
Thursday I was diagnosed with Bronchitis. The doctor told me to call if it hadn’t gone away in 2-3 days. I was not getting better but I figured I would finish my antibiotic course before calling. I finished yesterday and today I was not feeling good at all.
In fact, I went to lecture and after 30 minutes I felt achy, hot/cold and overall crappy. So, I left. Called the doctor. He put me on an inhaler and gave me more cough medicine.
OK, now that’s what’s going on with me. Now I’ll tell you about Z. For the past week and a half he’s been lethargic. Doesn’t play outside like he normally does, decreased appetite, no fever, but he has the “sick eyes” Moms know and love (insert sarcasm). Yesterday he started complaining of a sharp pain in his tummy. This morning he has had no appetite. So, I called the doctor, we will go in today at 1530, I’ll update you then. I’m going to push for a Lyme Titer. And hopefully he’ll put him on antibiotics while we wait for the results. Although, I don’t put a lot of faith in those tests. After all, last summer B had one done, it came back negative and 3 weeks later he was in the hospital with Lyme Meningitis. So, anyway, here’s hoping the doc is generous with the antibiotics.
And last but not least. There’s B. Now, remember all the yard work I told you I’ve been doing? Well, of course, I’ve recruited the boys to help haul off the brush as I trim it all down. Well, I didn’t think there was anything yucky in the brush, but apparently, B found something.
He will be going to the doctor with Z. I’m thinking poison ivy although, there are no blisters. He developed this rash yesterday. It started off as flat red blotches, not itchy. This morning the rash is raised, but it’s still not itchy. I didn’t think it was poison ivy at first but the more time goes on the more I wonder.
So, nobody is feeling all that great here, well, except for C. He’s doing great. Let’s hope he stays healthy.  



 I am on some kind of a motivation kick lately. I am kicking butt! Or at least I feel like I am. I am trying
so hard to complete my goals for this week, although, I am going to have to hold off on the bulk trash stuff because I forgot to call. Ooops. Despite that flub, I have been working really hard these last couple days on the yard. I had no idea how thick the brush was down by the street. It didn’t look that bad, but once I started I realized I was in for a long haul. After two days I realized I needed help. So I told the boys that I would take them to Home Depot and buy them each their very own wheelbarrow that they could do whatever they wanted with as long as they helped me with the yard work. But when I got there I realized the wheelbarrows were $60-$125 each! NO WAY! So, I bought a trailer for my tractor.
The boys LOVE doing yard work now cuz it means they can drive the tractor to the woods to make brush dumps. LOL. 
Yesterday my brush trimmer motor gave out, so I had to go buy a new one. Nothing is going to stop me from making this goal this week, LOL.
I was going to wait to post the before and after pics until I had REALLY cleaned up the area, but I am so sunburned from the last few days that I honestly don’t know if I can do anymore tomorrow. So, I’ll post the before/after pics now.
And for all this hard work, I got this:
So, anyway, know that we are all showered, I’m taking the boys out for ice cream. See ya soon!

>And that is my day….


My yard is overgrown, really bad, I have an acre of land that is open and needs to be maintained (plus a forest area, but I don’t have to do anything with that), but there are boulders everywhere so even with my riding lawn mower there are quite a few spots that need to be done by hand. So, today, seeing as I had such bad luck with the exercise games, I decided I would start the yardwork. Whew, am I tired. After only two hours of raking and weedwhacking I decided I needed help. So, I called in the troops; C, Z and B. They were slightly less than thrilled at this idea but I tried to make it fun. I brought an old bed sheet out and had them take turns raking the dead leaves and weedwhacker trimmings along the rock wall onto the sheet. Then the other two would haul it off into the forest section of our property. They seemed pretty content with this plan. So, seeing as I was covered in grass juice from the weed whacker I was feeling really itchy and sweaty and nasty. So, I decided to go in and take a shower.
As I’m walking to the house, Z tackles B and makes him cry. (Quick rundown for those who have forgotten… C = 13y/o, Z = 12y/o and B = 8y/o). OK, so I fix that situation with half a can of soda. Then off I go to the peace and serenity of a nice hot shower.
So, I’m in the middle of the shower, soap all over my face, enjoying the peace and quiet when I start hearing ::boom boom boom:: It’s a stereo. And it’s in my house. Although, I’m pretty sure the next town over can hear it. So, I start yelling “Z”‘s name, but alas he can not hear me over the roar of techno tunes.
So, my shower is hurriedly ended and as I step out of the shower, the radio turns down. Now, granted that is a good thing, but still, couldn’t they have turned it down 10 seconds earlier so I could have finished shaving my left leg?????? I mean c’mon!
So, I sit down at the computer after checking on them and making sure they are all still working. And as I sit here in the dining room with the windows open so I can hear the kids (albeit I cannot see them) I partake in this conversation (yelled through open windows)…
C – “Moooooom, Z is taking his clothes off and cars are driving by”
Me – “Z, put your shirt back on”
C – “it’s not his shirt”
B – “ewwwwww, nice underpants”
Ummmm, seriously???? He took his pants off cuz he was hot? Really? Where did he get the idea that it was ok to do yardwork in boxers?!?!?!?!?!?
OK, yardwork time is over. Obviously, I have to be there every second or else I will regret it later. So, I will end this blog and begin bedtime rituals, I think we will all sleep soundly tonight.
See ya tomorrow.