How It All Started

DH and I lived in the same town growing up, we even attended the same school, but we didn’t meet there. There were 2000 kids my senior year so it was a very big school, not surprising that we wouldn’t meet. The night we did meet was full of fate, the stars must have been alligned, because it is just too weird. It was the night before my birthday, and my best friend, Mary, decided to take me out for dinner with a few of her friends. She lived about a half hour away. We had met years before while our families were vacationing at the shore. So anyway, she picks me up and we go to Friendly’s in her hometown where we meet a bunch of her friends and have a great night. As we are walking out, one of Mary’s friends sees someone she knows in the parking lot, he is with a group of his buddies too. While she talks to him we all stand and wait for her, introducing ourselves to the guys and chit chatting. I notice this guy, standing toward the back, he’s shy, but he has a look about him that made me want to meet him. Just as I’m about to work up the courage to go over to him (as you may have already guessed, I am very shy too) our friends say they are ready to go. Well, so much for that.


A few days go by, and I haven’t stopped thinking about him. Weird, because I never actually spoke to him, so why would I be so interested. Anyway, I mention this to Mary, who jumped on the chance to find me a boyfriend, lol. She started making phone calls to find out “who was that guy leaning up against the car that night”. She finally tracks down his name and number and calls me back with the info. I called him, he REMEMBERED me! Can you believe it? He saw me too! So, we set up a date. He shows up in a dark blue Cadillac and takes me on a very special night. Now, at 16 I was beside myself at the thought of having a boyfriend that not only owned his own car but it wasn’t a Yugo or a Geo Metro. Not to sound materialistic or anything, but his car was a definite plus! Anyway, the rest is just your typical fairy tale romance. Got married, had kids, joined the military, and here we are 15 years later with a beautiful family.


When you think about it, it really must have been fate. What is the likelihood that he and I would both have friends in a town 30 minutes away from where we lived, both of us go out that night with the out of town friends, both of us meet in a restaurant parking lot, etc. There is no doubt in my mind that we were meant to be together.



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