OPSEC = Operations Security

“According to National Security Agency it is the “process of denying potential adversaries any information about capabilities and/or intentions by identifying, controlling, and protecting generally unclassified evidence of the planning and execution of sensitive activities”.

Now, you may be thinking to yourself “what does this have to do with me”? It actually has A LOT to do with you! Something as innocent as a Facebook post talking about how excited you are for homecoming can be used by the bad guys.

Why is this so important?

It may seem innocent enough to us; but in the wrong hands, information can be harmful. There are people out there looking for details given by unsuspecting family members as to when the troops are flying, where they are located and what they are doing. Even small amounts of info can be tied together with info given by others and before you know it…. TA DAAA, the bad guys know where our guys are, what they are doing and when they are doing it. As military dependents we are trusted with a lot of information, they may not tell us the secret handshake to get into the White House swimming pool but we know enough to be dangerous.

It may seem as though I am being dramatic or exaggerating the severity of the risks; and maybe I am, but I am OK with that. I would rather be too safe then too sorry, wouldn’t you?

What should I do?

Well, for starters, remove any countdown timers from your blog. If you truly want a timer, count up, rather than down.

It’s been X number of days since I hugged my loved one
Only X number of days until I see So-and-so.

Do not give details about location; think about this for a minute. Say you mention on your blog that your husband was telling you about this huge thunderstorm last night, well, how difficult would it be for someone to figure out what areas were effected by weather during that time period.

Another thing to think about; computer security. Do you have up to date anti-virus software and firewalls?

Other details to be careful with:


pictures with distinguishable landmarks

pictures with discernible nametags

personnel issues i.e. moral

A good rule of thumb:

if you are unsure if the information is in violation of OPSEC rules; DON’T POST.

Thank you for taking the time to read this page. Contact me with any questions/comments.

*** all photos downloaded from photobucket.com


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